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About us

NKI. Your real estate network in profile.

NKI was founded at the beginning of 2017 from the successful completion of a larger DBC-consulting project from the Nuremberg consulting firm DBC and has since provided their commercial and private customers with excellent satisfaction levels.

We stand for professional real estate brokerage. Many years of market experience, a broad range of products, optimal investment opportunities, and attractive returns make us to the property agency service, what you’re looking for.

NKI. A company within "DBC's integrated network".

As a both in Germany and throughout Europe active property agent service, we are on-site with local expert teams who know the specific characteristics of the customers and markets as well as industries and closely manage the real estate purchase and selling process. Our focus here is first of all on the European real estate markets with an emphasis on Germany.

We offer our customers a very broad spectrum in terms of types of use and risk classes. In addition to office buildings, production halls, retail properties, logistics facilities, residential complexes as well as residential buildings and residences, we also arrange hotels and care homes. Some types of use have the advantage of offering as an investment higher returns than others. Insofar, our individual investment recommendations are always characterised by the question of the greatest added value for our investors.

We deal with all sorts of purchase objects and in addition to the acquisition of existing properties, we also consider the investment in project developments as an integral part of our real estate purchase process. Benefit from our expertise, which enables us to handle both investment-intensive and complex transactions.

NKI. We deliver.

As your expert advisor, we will deliver the industrial property that meets your requirements at optimal competitive conditions. In the course of this complex process we take charge of the following tasks:

  • Detailed analysis of the site and review of investor suitability;
  • Drawing up a list of encumbrances with all the essential specifications, including checks for investor suitability;
  • Careful selection of investors including preparing tender documents and conducting bidding processes;
  • Comparison of offers in respect of conditions, timeframes, location, space, building standards, lease contract content and timing;
  • Final decision and selection within the appointed timeframe and at optimal competitive conditions.


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