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Heidelberg | Old Brigde and southern shore of river Neckar  

What we do: NKI. We open up perspectives.

What we do

Figure: customers often need a hand on the tiller

Or, better:
→ how we do it.
→ And, what we also do.

We will be in all respects a reliable partner!

Along with lasting relationships with our customers, is particularly important to us. To this end, we apply transparent business ethics and comprehensible services and pursue an ongoing dialogue with our customers as well as all of our partners.

We act with consideration for people and nature.

Everything we do is done with the greatest possible awareness of the interests of our customers and also the environment, natural resources and society!

There is a growing demand for sustainable solutions in the property sector. NKI accords due consideration to our customers' future these requirements as well as possible, so that we as NKI are able to offer, for example, also innovative, sustainable solutions and corresponding services.

In other words:

We have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the environment we live and work in. And with it we have the responsibility to improve the quality of life for generations at present and also generations to come.

NKI. Megatrend Sustainability.

We can help you find your new real estate investment, whether your interests are in commercial or residential property.

As NKI we bear a responsibility which we take very seriously, because that is a responsibility towards our customers, towards the society, the environment and last but not least towards our employees. Only by living up to our responsibility can we play an active role in shaping the world of our customers and ensure our sustained success.

We attach great importance to the protection of our earth and pursue ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental impact. In addition to protecting the climate and resources, this also boosts our efficiency.

NKI. Thinking ecology-minded.
No "Green Marketing":

according to the "step-by-step process", we will promote changes in course contemporary - and much more, of course!

NKI. More than profit.

How entrepreneurial profit orientation and sustainability at NKI can be intended together:

We want to convince you on exactly this point.

That is to say, that we want to convince you to support our work and our projects to providing alongside your orders our regular financial assistance.

In other words:

We want to make profits, and that for a good cause, because:

→ we are investing in our business segments!

Ready for take-off?

As an example should be noted employment opportunities:

The recruitment of trainees as well as the recruitment of new professional staff is standard business practice for us and reflects our social responsibility and responsibility for society!

Fountain sculpture of the sculptor-married couple Matschinsky-Denninghoff at Heidelberg Bismarckplatz

Your Team NKI at Heidelberg | Norbert Köhler Immobilien  

NKI: social commitment!

Your Team NKI is responsible for your concerns at DBC Real Estate & Infrastructure.


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