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NKI Commercial

Welcome to our Team-Page!


"The readiness is all."

(William Shakespeare)

NKI offers attractive commercial properties.

NKI Commercial offered by our contact persons is a unique service that allows you to find an eligible real estate for your company, your organization or institution at your location or your new location.

Our Team "NKI Commercial" is quite diverse:

from flexible office units to commercial space, so that Companies, organizations and institutions have a multi-faceted portfolio to choose from:

  • Office space
  • Industrial space
  • Flexible office space and co-working spaces
  • Technology centres and incubators

"Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing section of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth."

(Theodore Roosevelt)

The direct way to your property.

You will find attractive real estate with NKI Commercial: offices, production sites and co-working spaces. At affordable prices.

Our offering.

Our Team "NKI Commercial" gives you a comprehensive overview of office locations, commercial estates and development zones at your location and find suitable offers: in an impartial and objective fashion and at fair prices.

We accompany you.

Get to know NKI Commercial!

We organize property visits and accompany you to the properties. We meet with the property owners.

We ­provide comprehensively information on infrastructure, transport connections and housing around the chosen locations and we also act as intermediaries to the responsible authorities at local government level.


We support you in creating a search profile, research for suitable locations, irrespective of ownership and provide you information about online information on currently available commercial properties in all real estate portals

Selling of your properties.

Our Team "NKI Commercial" is also entrusted with sales mandates.

Our goal it is also, to identify commercial properties of different asset and risk classes for proposing it to sale.

With a view to the property valuation there are many factors which influence the value of a lot of land or a building.

Our team "NKI Commercial" knows all these factors and knows how to assess the factors correctly to get a significant value.


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